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Metal Funeral Caskets for Sale

Batesville Amethyst Casket - £1850


Batesville Athena Casket - £1720

Batesville Midnight Silver Casket - £1800

Batesville Star Quartz Casket - £2400

Batesville Vintage Casket - £1650


We are proud to be offering the entire range of Batesville Caskets for distribution throughout the UK and export to the rest of the world.

The prices shown are exclusive of VAT which can sometimes be claimed by the purchaser when the casket is exported.

We will deliver to any UK Funeral Directors, or if for export we will deliver to any shipping agent. No VAT if exported!

Funeral Directors may apply to become one of our Casket Distributors with the associated discounts

You can collect the Casket from our showrooms which are in Sydenham in London and Warrington, Cheshire.

All our fees must be settled prior to the casket leaving our warehouse.

Delivery is usually next day (UK).

Most African and Caribbean destinations the freight is £560.00
Most South American destinations £610.00, or you can arrange your own shipping.

We will give you a quotation for any destination in the world.

 +44 (0)20 3455 0305 

We also have a range of non-branded caskets that are suitable for repatriation and burial from an amazing price of £990. Please enquire on the above number.

These caskets shown are half open, meaning that one half (lid) of the casket is open, while the other half is closed for viewing.

A Full open casket, where the whole lid is one piece, is also available.

All Funeral Caskets have an adjustable bedding system.


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