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Repatriation of Deceased to Ireland

At UK-funerals we have arranged for two companies to offer to carry out a repatriation to Ireland for our clients. This is often carried out following a Funeral Mass here in the United Kingdom.

Once the Coroner has given permission for the repatriation to Ireland to proceed either of these companies can complete the repatriation within 36 hours, if required, allowing the burial in Ireland to proceed with respect to local customs and traditions.

A very competitive inclusive basic cost of between £1850.00 to £1900.00 has been agreed

This to include :-

  • A basic wood veneered coffin
  • Local removal to a private Chapel of Rest
  • Standard Embalming
  • All relevant paperwork
  • Airline charges to Ireland, (All airports covered).
  • Facilities for Family to pay their last respect in the UK
  • Dressing of Deceased in own clothing if required
  • Transportation to Airport

For transportation to Ireland from Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, London or anywhere SOUTH of Nottingham please contact Steven Mears International :- 

Mears Repatriation is one of the leaders in the sector, offering fixed rate charges to and from all countries in the world.. 

From UK/Mobiles 020 3455 0305 
  Outside UK: +44 (0)20 3455 0305


For transportation to Ireland from Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester or anywhere NORTH of Nottingham please contact Chris Jackson, or Sophie Jackson at Mears & Jackson Funeral Directors:-

Mears & Jackson International
Based in Cheshire, and covering the North, uniquely positioned to carry out repatriations from Manchester and Birmingham Airport. With private vehicles also making the trip to all London Airports daily.

0800 035 5891
Outside UK/Mobiles: +44 (0)20 3455 0366

Information that either of the above companies will require to complete the repatriation is as follows :-

Details of the Person who has Died :-

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of  Death
  • Place of Death - and details of where the Deceased is at rest now.
  • Coroners Details (if involved)
  • Funeral Director being used in Ireland
  • Copy of the Death Certificate (Once the Death has been Registered)
  • Full details of the Next of Kin in the United Kingdom and also Ireland.

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