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Deaths Abroad & International Repatriation of Deceased

As international travel and immigration is now common the need for specialist International Repatriation Companies for the Deceased has become more necessary. The repatriation of the deceased, or dead body, to and from the UK to another country is carried out for private Families, Companies, Governments, Insurance and Assistance companies with care and consideration by the following International Funeral Repatriation company :-

Mears Repatriation, owned by Steven Mears Dip FD, is one of the leaders in the sector, offering fixed rate international repatriation charges to and from all countries in the world.
A true world-wide service......                                 

From UK/Mobiles 020 3455 0305 
  Outside UK: +44 (0)20 3455 0305


This specialist Repatriation Company, it's what they do, has contacts in most countries in the world and usually their charges are far less than a Local Funeral Directors.

If you require the transportation of Cremated Remains or Ashes please follow this link.

More complicated cases of Repatriating a Deceased from one country to another, that does not involve the United Kingdom, are frequently undertaken. These cases organised between Mears Repatriation and their international based partners. With Mears Repatriation being the contact for the client, removing any uncertainty from the family or Assistance Company.

In addition fixed rate freight charges have already been negotiated with most main Airlines. 

Sample International Repatriation Destination -
click for costs and information



Repatriation to Albania
Repatriation to Australia
Repatriation to Azerbaijan
Repatriation to Bangladesh
Repatriation to Barbados
Repatriation to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Repatriation to Brazil
Repatriation to Bulgaria
Repatriation to Cameroon
Repatriation to Canada
Repatriation to the Cayman Islands
Repatriation to Chile
Repatriation to China (Mainland)
Repatriation to Colombia
Repatriation to Cote D'Ivoire
Repatriation to Cyprus
Repatriation to Eire/Ireland
Repatriation to Ethiopia
Repatriation to Egypt
Repatriation to Finland
Repatriation to France
Repatriation to Gambia
Repatriation to Germany
Repatriation to Ghana
Repatriation to Greece
Repatriation to Greece, Island of Kos
Repatriation to Grenada
Repatriation to Guyana
Repatriation to Holland
Repatriation to Hong Kong
Repatriation to Hungary
Repatriation to India
Repatriation to Iran
Repatriation to Iraq
Repatriation to Ireland
Repatriation to Italy
Repatriation to Ivory Coast
Repatriation to Jamaica
Repatriation to Kenya
Repatriation to Latvia
Repatriation to Lebanon
Repatriation to Lithuania
Repatriation to Malawi
Repatriation to Malta
Repatriation to Mauritius
Repatriation to Namibia
Repatriation to Nepal
Repatriation to Netherlands
Repatriation to Nigeria
Repatriation to Northern Ireland
Repatriation to Pakistan
 - Total Cost £1275
Repatriation to Philippines
Repatriation to Poland
Repatriation to Portugal
Repatriation to Romania
Repatriation to Serbia
Repatriation to Sierra Leone
Repatriation to Slovakia
Repatriation to Spain
Repatriation to Sri Lanka
Repatriation to Thailand
Repatriation to Trinidad & Tobago
Repatriation to Tunisia
Repatriation to Turkey
Repatriation to Uganda
Repatriation to Uzbekistan
Repatriation to The United States of America USA
Repatriation to Zambia
Repatriation to Zimbabwe

The Repatriation Company will obtain permission to remove the deceased from the UK from the local Coroner.

Some of the information required form you to let the repatriation of the deceased to proceed includes :-

  • Two copies of the death certificate - Obtained when you register the death.
  • Details of the consignee - the Funeral Director or person responsible for the collection at the destination airport.
  • The Deceased passport and/or identity card
  • Details of the intended place of rest

The Repatriation company will obtain the following:-

  • Freedom from Infection Certificate
  • Coroners permission to remove a Deceased out of the United Kingdom
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Funeral Directors Decleration as to the contents of the coffin/casket

    Full embalming is obligatory - as is the use of a zinc lined coffin or metal casket.

    Full payment - usually this is required prior to the repatriation.


If the deceased died outside the UK
- Follow this link


If the deceased was from England or Wales

Register the death according to the local regulations in the country in which it took place, and get a local death certificate. Register the death with the British Consul, so that a record of the death will be kept in England. You will be able to get a copy of the death certificate from the consulate later, or from the:

Overseas Registration Section
Smedley Hydro
Trafalgar Road
Southport PR8 2HH.

If the death abroad occurred in particular circumstances or the information about the death abroad is incomplete, this must be reported to a coroner in the same way as if the death occurred in England or Wales. See the section on Coroners for more details of the circumstances.

If the deceased was from Scotland

Register the death according to the local regulations in the country and get a local death certificate. Register the death with the British Consul, so that a record of the death will be sent to Scotland; you will be able to get a copy of the death certificate later from:

The General Register Office for Scotland
New Register House
3 West Register Street
Edinburgh EH1 3YT
Telephone: (0131) 334 0380. 

If the deceased was from Northern Ireland

Register the death according to the local regulations in the country and get a local death certificate. Register the death with the British Consul, so that a record of the death will be sent to Northern Ireland; you will be able to get a copy of the death certificate later from:

General Register Office
Oxford House
49 Chichester Street
Belfast BT1 4HL
Telephone: (028) 9027 0274
Fax: (028) 9027 0520

Holding a funeral abroad

You can arrange a local burial or cremation. The British Consul in the country in which the death occurred can register the death and a record will be kept at the registry offices listed above. 

Moving a body

Alternatively, you may wish to repatriate the deceased to the UK for cremation or burial. Most funeral directors should be able to advise you on the practicabilities of the particular case and the likely cost. There are several firms that specialise in repatriation.

You will need an authenticated translation of a foreign death certificate - this must show the cause of death - from the place where the person died, and an authorisation for the removal of the body from the country of death from the coroner or relevant authority. You must contact the registrar once the body is back in the UK. 


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