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UK Memorials and Memorial Headstones

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A list of Memorials Masons and Memorials throughout the UK - your questions answered.

Who can erect the memorials?

Most Cemeteries have regulations for Memorials erected in their grounds so your Memorial Mason should always check to ascertain that the chosen memorial is allowed.

The person that has the ultimate control on what memorials can be erected on the grave is the registered owner of the grave. This is the person who's name is shown on the grave deeds. Anyone can organize and pay for the intended memorials but the signature of the Registered owner is required on the cemetery memorials application form. This is then sent to the cemetery office and they will check the details. They are looking at the Type of Memorial, the inscription, and that the registered owner has signed the permit form.

A fee is usually payable for this process.

What is meant by 'Traditional' or 'Full' memorials?


These are common terms to describe memorials that cover the length of the grave. They usually have kerbs that are about 6'0" long and a headstone that is as wide as the grave and anywhere from 2'6" to 6'0" high. The whole memorial being set on a reinforced concrete foundation. The Memorial concrete foundation is placed ready-made in the cemetery and the memorial fixed on it.

What is meant by 'Lawn' type memorials?


Lawn type memorials are memorials with a headstone which sits on a base of matching material. They usually take up no more than 18" of the grave. The rest of the grave being tufted and left to grass.

Some Cemeteries have a concrete strip which runs across the head of the graves. Memorials are fixed to it. Others rely on the Monumental Masons to supply a concrete bearer. To comply to the National Association of Monumental Masons, (NAMM), code of practice the concrete foundation used when fixing lawn type memorials is required to be at least 3" bigger than the base.

Memorials can be erected in most cemeteries across the UK. They can be as simple as a memorial plaque that lays on the grave or as elaborate as a Victorian Memorial Vault costing many thousands of pounds.


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