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Top 4 listing positions gain 71.2% of clicks

20-Dec-2012 ---

Welcome to the December newsletter from, the nation's most visited funeral website.

This month we look at how the position of a listing determines its effectiveness as measured by click-through-rate (also known as CTR). As you will see from our analysis, being at the top of the list is vital to attracting new clients; the top 4 four positions gained 71.2% of the clicks.

To search for a Funeral Director, visitors to simply select a county (or metropolitan area) and then a city, town or borough. At this point, users are presented with a two-column list of all of the Funeral Directors registered in the area.

[NB. Please note that no typing is required, particularly helpful for less experienced computer users]

Listing positions are numbered left-to-right, top-to-bottom, mimicking the way in which we read a block of text. The eye is naturally drawn to position 1 in the top-left, making this the most read.

It depends a little on the visitor's screen size and browser configuration (for example, how many toolbars are installed) but the top 4 listings are usually fully visible, with the next 2 partially visible as shown in the diagram (right).

Items on a webpage that are visible without scrolling are often referred to as "above the fold", harking back to the era of newspaper publishing where newspapers would be folded on the news stand, the top halves containing the most eye-catching headlines & photographs (and the most expensive advertisements), on full view to the passing public.

As with newspapers, our analysis demonstrates the importance of positioning on the (web)page:

  • Position 1 achieves nearly one-third of all clicks.
  • The top 4 "above the fold" positions attract 71.2% of all clicks
  • No position below 4 achieved more than 5% of the clicks available.
Funeral Directors can raise their position by opting for paid-for listings:

(Enhanced listings (£95) appear above Basic listings;

Premium listings (£150)
are presented above both Enhanced and Basic listings.

Compare listing types

Listing Positions on a Page

Picture of listing positions

CTR by Listing Position

Top 4 positions account for 71.2% of all clicks

Source: Web data collected 1/9/12 to 19/12/12

Choosing a paid-for listing is easy through the UK-Funerals Admin Portal. Simply log-in to your account and upgrade an existing listing or create a new one. You will be given the option to pay online or request an invoice.

If you are yet to register for an Admin account, please click here.

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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at UK-Funerals.

Best regards

Chris Boyce
on behalf of

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