Covering the whole UK in a dignified manor  

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  • Our Services will include the following :-

  • Professional services of our Funeral Director
  • Transfer from a Hospital, Coroners or any other Funeral Director into our care
  • Care of your loved one at one of our own Care Centres
  • Quality Cremation Coffin (see below)
  • Transfer to our preferred Crematorium
  • Cremation Fee
  • Obtaining Doctors' papers if required.
  • Guidance on completing paperwork
  • Help with DSS claim if required
    Any successful claim will cover this service.
  • Telephone and/or email support during office hours
  • Personal delivery of the cremated remains within 21 days of the cremation, or scattering the ashes in the Garden of Remembrance.
  • Please note - Doctors fees for the paperwork to allow some cremations to proceed are an additional charge as they are usually not payable if the death has been reported to the local Coroner. If required they will increase the cost by £82.00.

This is a simple dignified service with the cremation being completed without family attendance, funeral service or ceremony.

Allowing you the freedom to celebrate the life of your loved one in your own time and way.

We will transport the person who has died in one of our fleet of seven private ambulances to one of our fully equipped mortuaries. We have premises in the south and north of England. Our vehicles are tracked at all times to insure the utmost security.

We will dress your loved one in clothing if you send some to us or one of our cremation gowns if more practical.

It is worth noting that we are owned by Steven Mears, Dip FD, who is a third generation Funeral Director and who's Group of Companies carries out over 1,000 funeral services a year.

We will provide a suitably sized coffin with a name plate. This is usually a veneered oak coffin as shown left and all our coffins are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

Sustainability is very important to us. 

Using the facilities of our partner crematorium we will transport the coffin, in our specialised vehicle and hand over to the crematorium staff.

Later we will return and take the cremated remains into our care. These will be personally returned to you within twenty-one days, or sooner if practicable, or upon payment for a special delivery charge. 

They will be delivered in the container provided by the crematorium but if you would like us to place the remains into an urn with a name plate you can choose one here.

All under the umbrella of Steven Mears and his very experienced team. We do not use any third party services and your loved one will be in our care at all times.

Once you are ready to talk through your service requirements please telephone us on 0800 861 1992 where one of our team is waiting to serve you.


UK-Funerals is a trading name of the Steven Mears Group.